What Is Water Positive?

Imperial is the worlds only water positive beer, conserving water at every stage of the brewing process, investing in protecting the tropical forest and supplying solutions for communities in need of fresh water. Imperial invites you to enjoy the refreshing taste of a sustainably brewed beer that gives back more than it takes.

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Combining German brewing tradition with Costa Rican tastes.

Since 1924 Costa Rica’s favorite beer has been Imperial. Made with a combination of two row and specialty malts, grains, and hops, it has a pleasing touch of bitterness. Golden yellow in color, with a light body and silky texture, Imperial has a clean, refreshing taste.

Imperial is the No. 1 selling beer in Costa Rica and is considered the 'Beer of Costa Rica'.

Style: American Lager
ALC. BY VOL: 4.5%
IBUs 14
Two row & specialty malts


Crisp and light to satisfy the Costa Rican thirst for life.

It’s a Beer of the Imperial Family, with a light body and soft bitterness balanced with the sweetness of the malt. It has a bright golden color, is refreshing with high drinkability. The malt notes stand out and it presents light banana fruit notes. Dry texture, crisp, clean and refreshing taste.

Style: American Lager
ALC. BY VOL: 4.5%
IBUs 11
More than 90% two row malt with light stable hops.

Available only in Colorado


Create Your Own Paradise

Since 1924 Costa Rica’s favorite beer has been Imperial. In Costa Rica, we believe that paradise is made by people who live in harmony with their environment and with each other. Beauty. Harmony. Fulfillment. These are the qualities of paradise. They’re especially abundant in our home of Costa Rica, but they can live anywhere. If we choose. Paradise doesn’t just materialize. We make it. And it doesn’t take care of itself. We have to inspire, nurture and protect it. At Imperial, we’re committed to this way of thinking, acting and living.

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60 Gallons

per day can be saved when watering your garden before 10am or after 7pm

160 Gallons

per month can be saved by turning the water off when brushing your teeth

100 Gallons

per day can be saved by fixing a leaky faucet